This is a page to store “resources” as I learn more about, blogging, writing in general, etc.

Young ladies used to learn to do needlepoint by using it to create a “sampler.” This is a CSS equivalent

It is a set of standard html which can be used to determine some of the CSS settings for a WordPress theme.
I have used it on the following two themes, both by Chris Pearson
Theme: Pressrow =
Theme: Cutline =

The “source code” for this sampler in *.rtf. Open that version, copy it, and paste it into a WordPress blank and see what you get using your template. If you don’t want to keep the post you can delete it.
Adding “< >” to each heading provides the basic format for the html used in each sample.

font size=”x” 1 through 7 /font

text 1
text 2
text 3
text with no size set
text 4
text 5
text 6
text 7


heading #

heading 1

heading 2

heading 3

heading 4

heading 5
heading 6


hr default


hr align=”center” width=”60%” size=”2″ noshade color=”#0000A0″


a href=” CSS Sampler”>Wordpress CSS Sampler</a

WordPress CSS Sampler

Note: If you click on the subject it will open an email form addrressed to me – use it if you wish so send a note.


/–comment–>comment doesn’st work</a

comment Text to the right of the word “comment” which should have been blocked


font color=”008040″>green</font

red – #FF0000
medium – #0000FFblue
dark blue – #000080
green – #008040
purple – #800080


Tried this and the link worked but the text was deleted – need more research!

a name=”target name”>target name



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