Training Development & Delivery

Almost all of my experience with the development and delivery of training has been in the context of larger consulting assignments. All of the training projects have been initiated to support the implementation of major changes in systems or processes or both. I participated in all of them from design through development, testing, and implementation.

For one of the largest soft drink distributors in the United States, managed the design and production of user training programs and documentation to support implementation of a reengineered soft drink distribution management system. The system used handheld computers to assist route salesmen document orders and assist delivery drivers in truck loading, routing, delivery and real-time customer invoicing. Approximately 4,000 route salesmen and delivery drivers were trained to use the new processes and handheld computers. The training was developed and implemented nationwide in 18 months to support regional implementation of the new distribution management system.

For the Far East Division of a major U.S. bank, participated in the consolidation of 36 local branch computer systems into just two regional online centers. Developed policies and procedures for systems management and change requests. Developed and delivered executive level training in eight far eastern countries.

For a for-profit educational corporation developed and implemented a computer systems project management methodology tailored to changes in their system development and acquisition strategy. Managed implementation including training for executives and project managers. Modified the methodology for use by other departments including marketing and physical facilities and tailored the training to their specific requirements.

For a major California bank, rewrote the computer systems project management training manual and then conducted their computer systems project management courses for a year.

For a major Texas savings and loan, developed computer system change control procedures and then trained senior systems and banking managers throughout the state.

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