Good job? Good commute?

This week I began evaluating a possible new job. Obvious question in Los Angeles: How’s the commute? At times like this, I love the Internet.

Did a Google search on, “los angeles traffic by time of day.” The first option was:

Traffic – Los Angeles Traffic Map

The past weeks freeway traffic reports – Los Angeles Freeway Traffic Data  Click on the Historical Timeslices then choose the day/time of the week that … []

There it is. Traffic by day of week and time of day for the last week. All the freeways with little dots along both sides to show traffic speed. Skip through the morning or evening or all day long. Step from Monday through Friday and back again.

Great news. Slowing in a few spots–this is Los Angeles–but mostly green—60+mph—at the hours I would be commuting and in the direction I would be going. Most of the way it would be a reverse commute.

The commute is a little long but traffic is reasonable. Now back to the job …

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