Corporate Websites for Recruiting #2

Why do corporations make it so difficult for good people to come to work for them? Today I was helping a friend find a job using the Internet. On her list of places she would like to work were two chains of bookstores. Barnes & Noble and Borders. B&N uses She logged, on answered a few questions and posted her resume. Par for the course and will now get notifications of openings that she can follow up or any store manager can call her. I have advised her to follow the active road and follow up.

She now works in a store that is closing and there is a Borders store just across the street. There are three other Borders stores between that store and where she lives. Borders uses Kronos. It took about 35 minutes for her to enter answers to all the questions and take a psychological test. You know the kind: “Do you always like everybody?” Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree. OK, once, but … To apply for jobs in all four stores she has to go through the same process three more times. Is this a test of endurance – how hard will an applicant work to get a job at a terrific store like us? Or a test of memory. Answer one question differently in the psych part of the application and we label you as either stupid or forgetful and rule you out. Heaven forbid Kronos’ computer would simply make that information available to the store managers in any store closer to where the applicant lives then the store where they applied.

I suspect Borders pays Kronos more than B&N pay HotJobs. B&N is certainly getter more value and creating a much better image of themselves as a good place to work, a place that cares about the people who want to work there and probably the ones who do.

Fast forward to 2011: Borders (what was left of it) is now part of B&N.

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