Speeches, Webinars and Publications

I have been a featured speaker and panel participant in a number of different speaking environments. Particularly effective in explaining ideas and concepts and providing a business context for the discussion of legal issues.

Speeches: Explaining Ideas and Concepts
Client Sponsored Planning Conferences Presentations to more than 500 business, technical and project managers as part of an assignment as a senior member of a project management office. The first year focused on the process to be used to plan the corporation’s year 2000 project. Included introduction to the planning tools to be used, the reporting process from business units to the project office and from the project office to management and regulatory agencies. A year later, introduced contingency planning as both a concept and a planning process.

Minnesota Year2000 Project Managers Group Presentation on contingency planning process and documentation to minimize risks associated with litigation

Iowa Association of School Business Officials Computer Concerns – Year 2000 Introduction to the year 2000 and its risks and requirements

SPG Conferences & Expositions YEAR 2000 Conference & Expo in Los Angeles. Panel participant on contingency planning.

The Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies Fall Educational Conference Presentation on contingency planning to minimize risk.
Minneapolis Federal Reserve Three presentations to member banks and financial institutions on staying in compliance with Y2K regulations and contingency planning.

Minnesota Bankers Association Winter Conference Panel on contingency planning.

The Business Forum Keeping Information Technology and Corporate Strategies Aligned in a Changing Environment A presentation and forum discussion with senior IT executives. Subsequently published in Inside DPMA a monthly publication for DPMA and the Information Systems Profession.

Speeches: Providing a Business Context for Lawyers
IT Systems Failure Conference sponsored by Mealey’s Cyber Tech Litigation Report in New Orleans, March 1-2, 2001. Outsourcing, Doing it Right, Doing it Wrong How to do outsourcing right to provide a context for discussion of the importance of clarity in contracts and potential remedies for system failures.

Staying Out of Trouble with the Year 2000 sponsored by The SEC Institute Inc. in Orlando, February 4-5, 1999. Contingency Planning, managing contingency planning to minimize risk of failure and provide a context for discussion of minimizing damages.

What is HIPAA? And what do you need to know? in an online presentation produced by SearchSecurity on July 2, 2002. Almost 500 participants logged on.

Where Are We and Where Are We Going? A look at HIPAA just before the deadline for the implementation of the first of the HIPAA regulations in an online presentation produced by SearchSecurity on March 18, 2003. More than 400 participants logged on.

Job Web Sites that Work (or don’t), subtitled: A maze to master or path to pursue? A summary of recent experience with job Web sites, observations and recommendations to make them more effective for both the sponsoring organization and the job hunter.

The King and The Woodcutter – An Executive Parable for Network Security. An article written for and published in The HIPAA Implementation Newsletter dealing with threats from trusted users of a network.

The HIPAA Implementation Newsletter. Provided information to assist health care providers, health insurance companies, and vendors of systems and services in planning, managing and implementing the changes required by the Administrative Simplification requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA.) It is published every two weeks via bcc email and posted on the Internet at http://lpf.com/hipaa (which is no longer active.) There were 52 issues over 28 months from March 2001 to July 2003. The newsletter was supplemented by a set of linked Web pages that provided additional resources.

Intelligence Community Forum published selected articles from the HIPAA Implementation Newsletter at http://onlinesecurity.com/Community_Forum.php (which is no longer active.) Material was also quoted in a HIPAA newsletter published by the State of Californ

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