Opportunities on the horizon

You cannot solve a problem on the same level that it was created.
You must rise above it to the next level.

Albert Einstein

There are opportunities on the horizon that can only be realized by rising to the next level of creativity and management. Some will be opportunities that expand the human experience; others will solve problems that threaten the quality of human existence. Some will stand on the shoulders of advancing technologies; others will be born of changes in the public reaction to environmental, economic and political issues. These are exciting and challenging times for those pursuing these opportunities.

The content of these opportunities is yet to be defined, but the processes to plan, develop, manage and implement solutions will be draw from the success of earlier creative projects. I have been there. Examples of successful first-of-their kind projects from my personal experience include:

• Participated in the design and management of the largest bank merger of its time including coordination of planning and reporting across geographically dispersed diverse organizations and integration of project communication.
• Explored a series of infrastructure changes for a client and found a combination that cost justified the evolution from physical to electronic distribution of time sensitive financial instruments and documents.
• Guided private sector implementation of Federal health care regulations as the regulations were being developed to assure compliance and minimize the time to realize benefits.
• Designed and managed the training for 1,800 rout salesmen and delivery drivers on the use of hand held computers that utilized street maps based on satellite imagery to improve service and reduce costs.
• Managed requirements analysis for Customs clearance of international airfreight for the first integrated air freight system; implemented at London Heathrow.
• Developed project plan for first online regional banking system in Asia and delivered executive and user training in eight countries.
• Created and managed communication strategy to build credibility for decentralization and outsourcing of critical infrastructure services; business units agreed to budget reductions of $100 million as a result of expected cost savings.

If you are working on a significant new opportunity or considering one, I would be interested in discussing ways we may be able to work together on the processes to plan the project and manage it to a successful conclusion.

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