Photographs: Getty 1.0 Annenberg 2.0

Last Sunday The Annenberg Space for Photography. This Sunday, the photography exhibit at The Getty. What a contrast, not bad, just very different. Differences of that order are often referred to on the Internet as Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 — here: Museum 1.0 and 2.0.

1.0 Getty featured two photographers
2.0 Annenberg showcased eight photographers

1.0 Photography was just a small part of a very large museum
2.0 A single integrated exhibit in a much smaller place

1.0 The space (museum) was a major part of the experience
2.0 The space facilitated the experience and then disappeared

1.0 The photos were hung on walls with labels and descriptions
2.0 The photos were hung on frames and walls and presented in a video and other electronic media

1.0 There were self portraits of the artists and panels about them and their work
2.0 There was a video of them commenting on their photos

1.0 The science of photography
2.0 The art of photography

1,0 I was educated
2,0 I was moved

1.0 The photos captured life
2.0 The photos expressed life

1.0 The photos were now separate from life
2.0 The photos provided a new perspective that drew me back to life

1,0 I learned something about photography
2.0 I learned something about myself

1.0 I learned
2.0 I reacted with joy, celebration, surprise, concern, rejection

1.0 I left with ideas
2.0 I left with conversations

1.0 I saw photographs
2.0 I experienced photography

I enjoyed the Getty and am pleased that I went. I will go back to see future exhibits.

I was moved by the Annenberg and can’t wait until their new exhibit opens July 11. I am sure I will want to see it several times and will take friends.

Posted Sunday, July 5, 2009

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